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Many years ago, Mike & Connie were commissioned by Glen Burney Lodge in Parry Sound, ON. The lodge’s logo included a fish and a spruce tree on rocks. It was the tree that the Leishman’s were drawn to. That one tree, growing out of island rocks represents the idea of ‘northern toughness”. As you travel further north, the skyline is littered with black spruce, a truly northern image.

The youngest daughter Katy was married in Elliot Lake, ON. As a gift, they gave long tray plates with a double tree image on green glaze. Those dark images were the inspiration for the spruce on green glaze.

All of these pieces are black glazed icons, with a completely serviceable green or white glazed surface.

Oven proof, dishwasher and microwave safe, meant to be enjoyed for years to come. Available on 8 different pieces in Green or White.

  • 14 inch Serving Plate
  • 12 inch Quiche/Pie Plate
  • 8 inch Trivet
  • 16oz Camper Cup
  • 10oz Cafe Cup NEW
  • 6 inch Large Spoon Rest
  • 6 inch Petite Plate
  • 6×10 Long Tray Plate Set


Cafe Cup

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Introducing the new 10oz Cafe Cup. This little beauty is the perfect mug for your early morning coffee or afternoon tea. Many requests for a smaller version of the Camper Cup lead us to this petite pairing.

Camper Cup

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16oz of soup, tea, coffee, water, beer, alcohol, any beverage of your choice feels at home in the Camper Cup.


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This fully serviceable 8 inch trivet will save your counter or table. Display or function. The porcelain creates a smooth and beautiful surface. Go ahead, your teapot will thank you.

Tray Plate Set

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This simple and functional 6×10 tray plate set will fulfill all your appetizer needs, and makes the perfect hostess gift. Choose between the green glaze or white glazed surface. Set includes pate dish and wooden knife.

Large Spoonrest

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This extra large 6 inch spoon rest is built for a large wooden spoon. The northern image makes it the perfect Canadian gift. Packs easily in carry on luggage.