Canadian, eh!

While visiting North of Superior, Lake of the Woods, Kenora area, we had the pleasure of witnessing the use of a Camper’s Mug. This enameled metal cup was usually carried by a blurry eyed unshaven fisherman, hiker, canoeist or hunter. The contents; coffee, tea, soup, beer or an alcoholic mix to inspire the stories that would soon be spun as to the colour, size and unusual escape of said tale.

As with each collection, we strive to create and recreate our Canadian memories and influences. We’ve taken away and added to this collection, but each animal and image represents, to us, the best part of Canada. Each design is available in white, as well as their corresponding colours. Custom colours and product orders welcome. It’s just so darn canadian, eh!

The Camper & Cafe Mug

Hopefully these 16oz beauties will inspire your Northern recollections and hold what you need. No need for a refill. Too big? Try it’s smaller 10oz sibling.

New Image!

Our sweet Cardinal is available on the Camper or Cafe Mug, Tray Plate Set, Petite Plate, Large Spoon Rest. Choose either the black glazed icon on a Red surface or the traditional Red Cardinal on a white glazed surface.

The Tray Plate Set

This 6×10 inch rectangular plate fulfills all your appetizer needs. A beautiful 3 piece set is the perfect gift when visiting friends at a cottage or northern camp. Set includes pate dish and wooden knife.

Petite Plate

These tidy little 6 inch dishes have a multitude of uses. From holding spare change and keys, soap and appetizers, to large ladles and spoons.

Large Spoon Rest

This 6 inch large spoon rest is built for a large wooden spoon, or perfect for an amuse-bouche appetizer.

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