Functional Mugs

Over 45 years, Leishman’s functional dishware have stood the test of time. Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe, meant to be used every day with complete confidence. Available in 9 glazes; White & Blue, Cobalt Blue, Grey Taupe, Green, White, White & Grey, Enamel Blue, Blue Plaid and Black.

Choose from a wide range of serving bowls, platters, milk pitchers, butterdishes, cream & sugar sets, juice/wine cups, teapots, dinner plates, cereal or pasta bowls, mugs, tall steins, teapots, baking dishes, egg cups and everything in between.

The Big Fat One 16oz

A 16oz mug of round comfort cupped in your hands. Hot or cold, these babies hold enough to allow you to hang back with plenty of time to fully enjoy your time and space.

Tall Mugs 10oz

Tall 10oz sleek mug with rounded base. Function and style. 9 distinct colours.

Squat Mugs 11oz

Slightly larger squat 11oz shape that cups comfortably in your hands. 9 glazes to choose from.

Wine/Juice Cup

Our original juice cup turned wine cup for multipurpose. 5oz or 9oz cups, in a variety of glazes.


No more dribbling with our spout! Choose either a Tear Drop Teapot or Brown Betty Teapot in 2, 4 or 6 cups.


Yes, you’ll have to cut the butter but your butter will thank you. Perfect way to cover your butter in style.

Milk Pitcher

Holds a bag of milk, and slides right in.

Dish Sets

Customize your dish set. We offer a very personal experience, after all, you will enjoy your pieces every day. Wedding registries welcome. Individuals on a budget welcome. Every dish set is made to order. Choose from two dinner/brunch plate styles and 4 varied bowls.

Available Colours

Enamel Blue

Cobalt Blue

White & Blue


Grey Taupe


Blue Plaid

White & Grey


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