Georgian Bay Windswept Pine

This original drawing was inspired by all those gnarly, wind blown pines perched all along the shores and islands of Georgian Bay, ON. This Canadian icon celebrated by the Group of 7 can also be found from coast to coast, lake to ocean, from north to south, all across North America.

All of these pieces are full coloured glazed icons, with a beautiful white glazed surface. Completely serviceable and functional. This design lends itself to a special gift that represents a Canadian connection.

Long Tray Plate Set

This simple and functional 6×10 tray plate set will fulfill all your appetizer needs, and makes the perfect hostess gift. Includes pate dish and wooden knife.

Petite Plate

This tidy 6 inch dish has a multitude of uses. The Petite Plate can easily fit in a carry on, making it a handy little gift that offers a piece of Canadian landscape.

Large Spoonrest

This 6 inch extra large spoon rest is built for a large wooden spoon, or perfect for an amuse-bouche appetizer.

Camper &
Cafe Mug

The 16oz Camper Mug will inspire your Northern recollections and hold what you need. Allowing maximum length of stay at your favourite spot. Too big? Enjoy the smaller sibling, 10oz Cafe Mug. A perfect pair.

Serving Plate

Completely serviceable and functional. This 14 inch Serving Plate will be the talk of your gathering, once they’ve enjoyed a feast!

Quiche/Pie Plate

This beautiful 12 inch quiche/pie plate is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Makes a mean crust!


Protect your table or take care of your teapot. This 8 inch porcelain trivet will accommodate the hottest dish. Beautiful smooth surface.

Custom Dish Sets

All dish sets are made to order. Plese allow at least 8 weeks for custom pieces.

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