The Leishman Legend of Bone China

It has been told, the Leishman’s unearthed an unnatural clay deposit, adjacent to the 100-year-old schoolhouse. It was late at night under the bright moonlight. Who’s to say what they were searching for?

Regardless of the reasons why, a white clay with small bone-like fragments was uncovered. Was it an early settler’s gravesite, or perhaps the remains of those missing school children? It’s hard to say with certainty.

Later, the Leishman’s painstaking grinding produced a buff bone-coloured substance. It was tested in their basement; kiln fired to an incredibly hot 2260 F. The result; an ovenproof, microwave and dishwasher safe, Bone China. A story? A tall tale? A product of unearthly delight to all. That’s your call.

The Leishman Legend of Bone China

Available in 3 colours.
14 inch Serving Plate, 12 inch Quiche/Pie Plate
10oz Cafe Mug, 16oz Camper Mug, 6 inch Large Spoon Rest
6 inch Petite Dish, 6×10 Long Tray Plate Set, 8 inch Trivet

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