The Original Six Wildlife Collection

The Original Six Wildlife Collection began as a rustic, yet sophisticated design. The Loon pieces were meant to be large and create an impact. Over the years, the Original Six Wildlife designs have become crisp, clean and recognizable. Each image comes from our own drawings.

Leishman Pottery offers a wide range of functional dishes within the Original Six Wildlife Collection. The list is long; lunch and dinner plates, soup and snack bowls, platters, large serving bowls, teapots and pitchers. We welcome custom dish sets and enjoy working with you to choose the best pieces for your serving needs.

Each piece within the Original Six Wildlife Collection is wheel thrown, hand stamped, hand painted, waxed and glazed individually. Each image came from our own drawings. Every animal must be hand painted in order to showcase the details of the original drawing. It can be a painstaking task but it’s one we certainly enjoy, and hope you do as well.

The Camper & Cafe Mug

The 10 oz Cafe Mug is the perfect vessel for your morning tea or coffee. Too small? Enjoy the 16oz Camper Mug allowing maximum length of stay at your favourite spot. Available in 6 designs with corresponding colours. Custom colours upon request.

Custom Dish Sets

All Wildlife place settings are custom made. Each place setting may include, but not limited to, a dinner plate, brunch plate, soup/snack bowl or trencher/pasta bowl.

The Mug

Hot or cold, short or tall, these 10-11oz mugs will inspire hours of leisurely and lively conversations, be it the first morning coffee or that last late night cuppa tea. Available in 6 designs, with their own corresponding colour.

The Stein

Our large capacity 13-14oz stein allows maximum length of stay at your favourite spot. The first words from our customers after buying the stein? “Honey, the dock!” Available in 6 designs, with corresponding colours.

Spoon Rest

Canadian Wildlife on a 4 inch spoon holder (holds a teaspoon). These little beauties pack easily in a suitcase or carry on and make a perfect gift while visiting. Perfect for an amuse-bouche appetizer for the chef. Available in 6 designs, with corresponding colours.

Petite Plate

These tidy little dishes have a multitude of uses. From holding spare change & keys, soap and appetizers, to large ladles and spoons. This 6 inch functional petite plate offers a piece of Canadian Wildlife as a keepsake or memory. Available in 6 designs, with corresponding colours.

The Wildlife

The Loon

The original design was inspired by Jim Harkness’s Wood Decoys. The first design for the Canadian Wildlife Collection. Clean and crisp, on a beautiful white glaze. Who hasn’t been inspired by the call of the Loon?

The Pickerel

Memories of snorkeling as a youth near Lake Belmont, Marmora area. “In a deep pool, I followed this huge Walleye, illegal spear gun in my hand. At the end of my breath, my ears popping, an even bigger fish scoots by, quite a trophy fish, the best eating fish you can catch.” Black and dramatic.

The Wolf

Many requests for a native inspired theme carrying the wolf. We chose the grey wolf for colour as well as the familiarity of Jack London’s wolf. Probably a bit of Rin Tin Tin and the Littlest Hobo is showing as well. Grey/Taupe.

The Moose

Two of the Leishman daughters went to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON. Years of inspiring drives along Highway #17, through Sault Ste Marie and Wawa. If you didn’t see a moose, you must have been sleeping. During one of the year end drives, Mike & Connie stopped to photograph a moose crossing sign. Just below the sign, leaning on the sign post was a moose leg, from knee to hoof. Mike packed that moose leg into the truck. Later at Lakehead U’s residence, the last night of the school year, that moose’s leg danced across the floor with many a drunken reveller. Moss Green.

The Bear

While in Cobalt during the 70’s, Mike used to take his two German Shepherds for a daily hike along the shores of Lake Temiskaming. Along the way, just out of the rocks and trees was a clearing. If you snuck up from below a knoll, a farmers grain field would appear. At the end of the field; huge black raspberry bushes and just maybe a pair of black bears having a feast. Bears run fast. The dogs could never catch them. The colour of this mug; Cobalt Blue.

The Caribou

A truly northern animal requested from the residents of Whitehorse and Yellowknife. Inspiration came from the middle daughter Ana who lives in Chesterfield Inlet, on the shores of Hudson’s Bay, Nunavut. On her first hunting trip she brought down two Caribou with a single shot, a legend was born. The colour; Sand/Beige.

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