The Next Generation

The Potters Daughter

In the year 2000 Ivy, Mike and Connie’s eldest daughter at the age of 25 decided to become a potter. Ivy had been an elite Rhythmic Gymnast while in her teens, ranked as the #1 junior on the Canadian Team. She had traveled from coast to coast in Canada, as well as international competitions in Belgium, Florida, New York and Japan. After graduating from Lakehead University in Geography and hitching across Europe, she spent a few years as an outfitter and guide on the Missinabi River systems, north of Chapleau. Ivy had settled on being a greens keeper, but two years in the field and she had had enough of following the golf ball career.

Ivy Leishman

“Once I got married I realized what an amazing journey my parents had been on, all the years of hard work and dedication to their craft inspired me to join them on the ride. I may have even begged them to take me in and teach me.”

Finished Pottery

Learning from the Master

Ivy had worked in the pottery business part time since she was 15. She had always been capable and artistically talented, so the true apprenticeship began full time. Ivy mastered the wheel quickly, but slab work, painting the Canadian motif and glazing became her forte. With 20 years’ experience as the Leishman’s main painter and three teenagers to keep in line, Ivy has been able to maintain life as a Potter, Wife and Mom.

It is with this commitment from Ivy, Connie and Mike that a new Leishman pottery has evolved. The Leishman’s commitment to become truly Canadian Pottery now in it’s second generation has been established. The Leishman’s offer a line of pottery that symbolizes, to them, the feeling of Canada. Using Canadian icons from wildlife and nature having an inspirational vitality can be drawn upon by anyone using these pots.

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