The Shop

Please come in…

For many years, the store was in the front hallway of the school house.  This was between the boys and girls entrance, and measured 6ft wide and 20ft long.  Customers and interested tourists never knew if it was “safe” to enter.  “Usually we would be sitting down for dinner while people mingled in the store”.

It was clear in the ’90s that the pottery needed to expand into its own space.  The addition of the store had to compliment the original building.  It was always Mike and Connie’s vision to build the store but not take away from the school house.

The roof of the store is a Dutch Hip Roof, the same style as the school house. Since the Leishmans really couldn’t afford the addition, there were many friends and neighbours that helped out, as well as local contractors. “We would be remiss not to mention our good neighbour Harold McNiven”.

Dubbed the ‘building inspector’ and armed with a clipboard and a slew of questions, Harold kept Herbie and the boys in line during those many logged hours of work.  Harold had authority, as he was a student of the Cains Corners School House.  Mike and Connie’s goal was to build an addition/store that everyone would be happy with.  “It may be a glorified garage but it’s a beaut”.

The Schoolhouse and Shop

“It may be a glorified garage but it’s a beaut”

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